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Mission Statement

 The Project for Conflict Resolution and Development (PCRD) is a development

organisation working primarily in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, that

researches, designs, trains and facilitates processes that enable disadvantaged and/or

at- risk communities and organisations to positively deal with conflict and


Organisational Aims and Objectives

To develop a community transformation process that can be replicated. This process

includes building the capacity of Civil Society Organisations; establishing Conflict

Management Systems and research and skills development for Municipal Ward

Committees, Officials and Councillors.

PCRD seeks to manage existing conflicts, diffuse conflict in development processes as

they arise and to develop sustainable mechanisms of handling conflicts in development


To work in local communities with all refugee / migrants / asylum seekers and

community stakeholders to improve the level of communication between these groups

as well as support the integration of refugees into the community and reduce and

manage any conflicts that occur.

To develop and implement a comprehensive Safe School Programme for schools in

Education Districts in the Eastern Cape (this will include publications, training, research

and interventions).

To provide Organisational Development Processes to schools, to improve the quality of

school management and education at schools.

To build the capacity of Youth, Women and Disabled Persons Structures to enable them

to interact effectively with their local municipality and to enable them to input on

Municipal Integrated Development Plans and budgets.

Project for Conflict Resolution & Development